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Safety Golden Rules

"Converting a simple phrase into a life-saving expression."

Creation and assessment of the Safety Golden Rules at work.

Develop and refine your own Safety Golden Rules at work.

At the heart of every successful business lies a strong safety culture, intrinsically shaped by a safety management system, appropriate preventive measures and golden rules that reinforce good practice.

At Aegide International, we understand that the Safety Golden Rules at work are the last bastion for reminding staff of the rules that save lives and thus prevent accidents/incidents.

Using our approach, we help you to :

“Golden rules, what for? »

Our approach:
Safety Golden Rules

Our tool is specially designed to help you develop and refine your own "Safety Golden Rules". It enables you to draw up an action plan to help you identify and deploy measures to improve your safety performance.


The advantages of our method

Personalised follow-up

Creation of a steering committee including all stakeholders. Integration of your systems and operational data: procedures, indicators, risk assessments, observations and exchanges in the field.

Your own Golden Rules

Golden rules are determined collectively following the investigations carried out, based on the sensitive aspects of your activities and the areas for improvement identified.

Communicate effectively

We offer you dedicated support for the implementation of the tool within your organisation. This approach is based on a presentation of the golden rules to all your employees, followed by ongoing awareness-raising.

Continuous improvement

A collaborative action plan is developed to continuously improve the level of safety within your organisation. Annual reassessment of the effectiveness and ownership of your Golden Rules.

how does it work?


Collecting information


Would you like to create your own Safety Golden Rules?

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