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towards certification

We can help you create, implement and manage an HSE management system for certification purposes, whatever the standard.

Build a management system tailored to your needs.

Our support towards certification allows you to build a health, safety and environment management system adapted to the constraints of your company while meeting the expectations of the chosen standard.

Our methodology is based on an initial diagnosis to better understand your structure, the action levers and the key people to implement a functional and living HSE management system.

Our method is also based on the obligatory passages of each framework (meetings, event analysis, annual review, etc.) with the support of a consultant who masters the framework and supports you in your skills development. To finalize this support, a pre-certification audit will be conducted by a consultant to assess the effectiveness of the system.

We operate in different sectors of activity as well as all sizes of companies, we now have excellent results with 100% of the companies supported which have been certified.

Audits HSE

Our methodology

Needs assessment

Assessment of the maturity level of your HSE management system. We work together to define an action plan, your specificities and the priority systems to put in place.​

In-depth analysis ​

We then carry out an analysis of your company and your sector of activity. This allows us to understand the specific regulations, best practices and safety and environmental issues you face.​

Design of the action plan

Using the information collected during the diagnosis and analysis, we design a personalized action plan for your business. We develop the essential devices for the operation of the system and we support you in daily operation.

System animation​

We support you in running the management system by developing procedures, leading discussions, participating in steering committees and managing your action plan.

Pre-certification audit​

Before presenting you for the certification audit, we carry out a pre-certification audit which will provide an overview of the state of maturity of your system and the areas still to be developed.

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