Accessibility for people
with disabilities

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Our offices

Our infrastructures and services are accessible to everyone.
The staff are made aware of the various disability situations and the need to adapt their reception.

Our offices in Bordeaux (33) are on the 6th floor of a recent building that meets PRM accessibility standards.

N.B.: In the case of in-company training, the client company is responsible for accommodating the participants on its own premises or on premises provided by it for the purposes of the training.


Educational resources

As part of our training, we use material resources such as flipchart, educational platform, computer ...
These modalities are not, at this time, suitable for people with hearing, visual or attention impairments.


Course management

We are able to accommodate people with disabilities in training and put in place the necessary measures for their integration:

  • A workstation arrangement if necessary
  • An adaptation of rhythms and training times
  • An adjustment of the general rules for the evaluation of knowledge
  • Adaptation of educational tools if possible


Specific needs?

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