TERANGA GOLD - Kirkpatrick Level 2

Client name: Terenga Gold (www.terangagold.com)
Name of the project: Kirkpatrick Level 2

Description of project and customer issues

  • To have a course on program evaluation
  • Change from the Level TTT 2 to something that will help the trainers know how to evaluate program effectiveness

Activities / Tasks and Solutions developed by Aegide International

Upon completion of the training, participants should be able to develop a training program that meets the minimum requirements for a Level 2 as they are in the Kirkpatrick model. This means that participants will be trained to assess their students on the following points:

  • Acquisition of knowledge
  • Improvement of know-how
  • Attitude towards training and its relevance to the activity
  • Confidence in applying what has been learned
  • Commitment to content and its philosophy and the impact on behavior change at work.
  • This training must enable participants to deliver training programs accompanied by indicators that can be used to measure the quality of the content delivered.

Project results

Learning objective achieved.
Confirmation of the quality of the content and its delivery from HR.
Selection of appropriate participants.


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