Mining operator - Plan to enhance the skills of off-road vehicle drivers

Name of the project : Plan to enhance the skills of off-road vehicle drivers

Description of project and customer issues

GAC en Guinée souhaitait explorer la possibilité de travailler avec un fournisseur de formation pour développer et mettre en œuvre un plan de montée en compétence pour leurs conducteurs de véhicules tout-terrain. ​

Activities / Tasks and Solutions developed by Aegide International

Aegide International has developed and implemented a skills enhancement programme for 4×4 drivers and trained potential trainers on behalf of GAC-EGA.

The project involved the following stages: 

1) Diagnosis of initial skills for 80 drivers, including a psychometric assessment, a knowledge test and a practical driving assessment

2) Personalised training in defensive/preventive 4×4 driving behaviour

3) Personalised coaching in defensive/preventive 4×4 driving behaviour

Project results

Report providing a score by theme for each driver as well as an overall analysis including strengths, risk profiles, areas for improvement and a proposed action plan.


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