GCO - Confined space trainer training

Client name: Grande Côte Opérations Senegal
Name of the project: Train the trainer in Confined Space

Description of project and customer issues

GCO wanted to explore the possibility of working with a training organization, to train internal trainers at GCO to work in their confined spaces.

Activities / Tasks and Solutions developed by Aegide International

Aegide International a développé et animé un programme certifiant la compétence « Formateur espace confiné ». A l’issue de la formation le candidat était capable d’animer la formation théorique et pratique « Espace confiné » et d’évaluer les compétences des intervenants et des surveillants pour une opération en sécurité dans un espace confiné.

Project results

Aegide International delivered a theoretical and practical training course integrating the following 6 parts

  • Monitoring and validation of the "Confined space" training
  • Improvement in equipment / material, analysis of intervention in confined spaces and pedagogy
  • Animation of the theoretical training and validation of the theoretical part
  • Presentation, demonstration of the practical part
  • Validation of participants' skills to deliver the theoretical and practical part of the "Confined spaces" training
  • Confined Space Rescue / Stretcher Presentation

Following the validation of the criteria, Aegide International certified the competence of 7 “Confined Space” trainers and provided the necessary supports to be autonomous:

  • Document for participants: Participant booklet "Confined space", Certificate "Intervenor - Confined space supervisor"
  • Training document: "Confined space" training PPT presentation, Trainer's booklet, Theoretical evaluation test, Practical evaluation grid, report of the trainer's training


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Keptap - Technical advice

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TERANGA GOLD - Kirkpatrick Level 2

Be able to develop a training programme that meets the minimum requirements for level 2 as set out in the Kirkpatrick model.


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